Manicures with Daniella


Nail treatments by DaniellaDaniella’s true passion, dedication, and focus lies in providing her clients with an array of high quality nail services. Utilising the different nail technology products currently on the market as well as varying techniques, Daniella can transform short nails, cracked nails, and even nails that are generally just in need of a bit of a freshen up into long, shapely and, most importantly, healthy looking fingertips.

What Services are Available?

Daniella offers everything from appearance-boosting manicures through to eye catching and awe-inspiring customised nail art. A manicure is a treatment for the hands, arms and natural nails, and two of the most popular services that clients request are hard wearing acrylic nail extensions that really help to strengthen the nail underneath, and the more long lasting and natural-looking gel nails which give a lovely glossy finish. Regardless of the type of nail extension you choose, when you opt to have a manicure by Daniella you can be sure you’re in complete control of both the length and the shape of the nail as she will work with you to accommodate all requests and preferences. Due to Daniella’s expertise and flawless technique, you can expect your nail extensions to last for up to three weeks before needing an infill.

Why Should I Get a Manicure from Daniella?

A manicure from Daniella is not only a personal, friendly, and highly professional experience, it’s also great for your nails and great for you. The techniques used means that the motions and actions she employs are quite similar to a hand massage, creating a sense of calm, helping you unwind and relax, and boosting blood flow through the hands and arms which creates a more vibrant, healthy, and youthful look. Daniella prides herself on creating beautiful nails every time, which increases confidence in the wearer and generally produces an all-round feel-good vibe. Only the highest quality creams, lotions, and moisturisers on the market are used, which help protect the fingernails from everyday wear and tear and even more severe knocks and bumps. They also help to reduce any buildup of bacteria, helping to keep your fingers in pristine condition, both in terms of looks and health.

Nail Art

Nail art is the decorative application of designs on fingernails to enhance their beauty and sophistication. With a choice from simple patterns to rhinestone studded details, nail art can wow any crowd with its unusual but splendid image. Given the right shade of colours, the perfect form of textures and an attractive nail art design any woman can have the edge she needs to take on the world. There are many shades and textures available and if you add in specialised beads, glitters, stones and stickers to beautify the fingertips, nail art gives every woman the opportunity to be unique and stand out in a crowd, as no two pieces of nail art will ever be the same.

Let Daniella help you chose your unique nail art design, and pass on some advice on how to maintain your nail art once you have had it done.

Where Can I Have My Nails Done?

The beauty of booking a nail appointment with Daniella is that your manicure can take place in the comfort of your own home should you wish. Daniella can come to you at a time that fits in with your schedule, as she considers herself to be a mobile beauty therapist who makes local and personal home visits to her clients across the south Norfolk area. Daniella brings everything she needs with her, so there’s no need to do any special preparation for her visit. If required, she is also available to visit day care centres, retirement home, and sheltered accommodation complexes in and around the Norwich and south Norfolk areas. This service enables her to provide a range of nail solutions and other beauty treatments for residents who may find it difficult to get out to visit a local salon.

In today’s world you must always be at your best, and so looking good with the image you portray should be a priority, as getting ignored is the greatest insult! Fading away in the background is not acceptable for the contemporary independent woman. Let your fabulous fingernails point the way to feeling good about yourself.

Why not treat yourself, or someone you love, to a manicure or pedicure? Contact Daniella today to book an appointment.

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